U.S. Pay Equity Review 2020

Oct 14, 2021

Today, President and COO Daniel Alegre and Chief Administrative Officer Brian Bulatao shared the following email with our employees:



We are committed to maintaining fairness and equity in our compensation and to being as transparent in this space as we can. In this spirit, we wanted to share the results from a recently completed review by an independent research firm of compensation earned in 2020 for U.S. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees. 

A little background for reference: in conducting this review, we looked at whether men and women are paid the same for comparable work, or what some refer to as “pay equity.”  

In the 2020 analysis, the firm compared the compensation of men and women while accounting for variables that impact pay, such as role, location, tenure, and job classification (exempt or non-exempt), among other factors.  The analysis shows that women and men who performed comparable work at ABK earned essentially the same amount of compensation (with women coming in at a penny above men for every dollar of compensation).  Those results are reassuring, and we’re committed to ensuring that compensation remains equitable in 2021, and beyond.

While the findings related to pay equity are a great start, we know there is much more, important work to be done. Currently, women make up only about 20% of our U.S. employee population and hold just 15% of development jobs. This is indicative of a larger issue across the entire technology industry and our educational systems. 

We have to do more to encourage and support women who pursue STEAM degrees and jobs in gaming. We also must do a better job of demonstrating how ABK is a place where women can apply their talents in rewarding ways as we continue to innovate, change and grow.  We will continue to invest in the next generation of female talent and find additional new ways to partner with organizations that empower young women to explore STEAM education and careers. Recent examples include hosting the 2021 Girls Who Code summer immersion program, helping to launch the #RaiseTheGame pledge led by the UK Interactive Entertainment trade association, and placing more than 3,200 women veterans in high-quality jobs through our Call of Duty Endowment in 2020 alone. We will ask for your ideas and support along the way, and it is our intent to share with you our game plan and aspirations by the end of this year.

As we’ve stressed over the past several weeks, we are focused on doing more and making significant additional changes to lead the industry in creating and nurturing safe and inclusive workplace environments for all employees. More than just business priorities, these efforts must always be central to our culture and values.  

Thank you for all you do to move us forward.

Daniel and Brian

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