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The Call of Duty Endowment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit co-founded by our CEO, Bobby Kotick, and supported by Activision Blizzard and our employees. The Endowment helps veterans find high-quality careers by identifying and funding the most efficient and effective organizations that share our mission of helping unemployed and underemployed veterans. Since 2009, the Endowment has supported high performing non-profits that prepare veterans for the job market and has raised awareness of the value vets bring to the civilian workplace. To date, the Endowment has donated more than $53 million to the cause, funding the placement of more than 81,000 veterans into high quality jobs.  The Endowment’s goal is to place 100,000 veterans by 2024.  Activision Blizzard funds 100% of the Endowment’s operating costs, so all net proceeds raised through Endowment themed in-game items, partnerships, and events go directly to the mission. 



The Endowment uses a performance-driven approach to find and support organizations delivering the highest standards of quality and cost-efficient veteran job placement services. As a result, the average starting salaries for veterans supported by the Call of Duty Endowment in 2019 were over $60,000 - 21% higher than the national veteran salary. In addition, the Endowment highlights high performance in the veteran employment space through its Seal of Distinction program, which provides both a $30,000 prize and national recognition to recipients of the award. All Endowment grantees are Seal of Distinction winners.

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Since its inception, The Call of Duty Endowment has placed over 81,000 veterans in meaningful employment opportunities against a goal of 100,000 placements by 2024.  


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